Are escort girls counting time and how?

Are escort girls counting time and how?

If you are wondering whether they escort girls are counting time, you will be surprised to learn that they do keep a close eye on the clock. Whether you opt for incall or outcall, these escorts will be careful about the time. For them, time is money and hence, they will provide you service for the duration you have booked them for.

The Rates

When you see an escort, do they ask for money? The answer is yes; they ask for money. They count the time based on the hour. So, when you want to book an escort, it is essential to know the hourly charge of escorts. That way, you will be able to decide whether you can afford them. Remember, they will have an additional hour charge if you exceed the one hour that you book and pay for. On the other hand, if you want to book the escort for the whole night, you will be looking at an overnight charge.

You have to also understand that escorts have different incall and outcall rates. Most charge more for outcall, as they have to drive down to your chosen location and they spend time and effort doing that. So, it is always higher for outcall compared to incall escort services.

Escort prices vary depending on the nationality. You may find that certain nationalities are in high demand. So, you can expect to pay more for Oriental escorts london. These escorts often charge a premium and the hourly rate is governed by the demand. However, the escorts who are popular and highly sought-after will also charge a premium for their services.

Why Escorts Do No Prefer Credit Card Payment?

You may feel that elite and premium escorts will prefer credit card payment over cash payment. However, it is not true. The most expensive escorts in London take cash payment for the services they provide as they use the money to give the agency their commission and balance goes for their day-to-day living needs. Many escorts already have a full-time job and are paying taxes on salary they get. So, they want cash payment to avoid reporting the excess money as they would have to reveal the source of the cash. That is something escorts don’t want to do even though escort services are legal in the UK.

This said, there are full-time escorts who accept credit card payments. These credit card escorts report their earnings to the tax authority and pay taxes on the amount they make. However, you will have to enquire with the escort whether they accept credit cards. It is best to carry cash that covers the duration of your appointment.

The Services Included

Most escorts, be it London escorts, Japanese escorts, European escorts or Oriental escorts, will be up front about the services they offer. Escorts are primarily companions, but will often go beyond that to satisfy your carnal needs. Not all escorts offer the same services. For instance, Thai girls for massage is the first choice, but you will be able to enjoy an erotic massage, 4 hand massage, nuru massage, tantric massage, body to body massage or full massage with Asian escorts. Whether you choose Indian, Arabic, Chinese or Korean escort, most will provide massage as a part of their service as their culture promotes massage for its wellbeing. In fact, nowadays, escort & massage service go hand-in-hand. On the other hand, getting an anal escort may be tougher as not all escorts provide anal sex.

So, when you are booking an escort, check out the services the escort offers. You will be able to find the details on the profile page of the escort, where she will clearly list the things she is ready to do.

What to Know Before You Pay and Escort?

Before you pay the escort, you should find out the hourly and additional hour rate. In addition, you should be aware of the services that are covered. Find out if the escort will go on a dinner date with you and offer a girlfriend experience. Why? Not all escorts provide GFE. Also, not all escorts offer incall and outcall services.

These are few things that you should find out before booking an escort. It will prevent misunderstanding later on.

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